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Lifepak 500’s Are Now Obsolete and No Longer Supported

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About the Lifepak 500

The Lifepak 500 by Medtronic/Physio Control at one time was one of the most popular AED’s in the United States both for private use and in emergency response.The Lifepak 500 was first introduced in 1997 and discontinued in January of 2007.During this time, the Lifepak 500 went through several revisions and software upgrades to maintain evolving CPR and AED standards.

End of An Era for the Lifepak 500’s

As of today, almost all of the Lifepak 500’s are already past the 8-year manufacturer suggested lifespan. On January 31, 2015 support for the Lifepak 500’s along with sales of replacement pads, batteries, and accessories will end.This action will necessitate the replacement of all these AED’s. There will also be neither further software upgrades nor maintenance available for these soon-to-be outdated AED’s.

How Can You Keep up to Date?

Contact one of our sales and customer service representatives at Info@defibguy.com or call 860-881-2575 to create a replacement plan for your Lifepak 500 AED’s before they become completely unservicable. We have been working over the last year with companies and emergency responders to replace their Lifepak 500 AED’s with new and updated AED’s which are easier than ever to use and have the most up-to-date technology for saving lives.

In addition to AED sales, we also offer service & maintenance plans covering the list below to keep your AED in ready-to-use condition and decrease your liability by preventing potential failures of the AED to function due to poor or improper maintenance.

  • Routine Inspection
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Post-Event Servicing
  • On-site Service

LifePak 500 Manufacturer Discontinuation Letter

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